Ultrasonic Horn in Mumbai

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Ultrasonic Horn Manufacturers in Mumbai

Ultrasonic Horn in Mumbai

SMAK Industries is the leading Ultrasonic Horn, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in Mumbai. Our Ultrasonic Horn amplifies and transmits high-frequency vibrations in the ultrasonic range to the object being processed. It is used in various applications such as welding, cutting, cleaning, and homogenization.


1. Amplification:Ultrasonic horn amplifies the ultrasonic vibrations generated by the ultrasonic transducer and transfers them to the processing device.

2. Focusing: It can focus and direct the ultrasonic energy to a specific spot, allowing for precise processing of materials.

3. Resonance: Our horn resonates at a specific frequency, allowing for efficient transfer of energy to the processed material.

4. Tuning: This horn can be tuned to match the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer, ensuring maximum energy transfer and processing efficiency.


An industrial ultrasonic horn is a key component in many industrial applications, such as welding, cleaning, and cutting.

Ultrasonic horns create high-frequency vibrations that can be used to weld together materials, remove contaminants from surfaces, or cut through materials.

These horns are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different applications.

Product Specifications:

Product name Ultrasonic Horn
Brand SMAK Industries
Material Used Mild Steel
Voltage (in Volt) 220 V
Frequency (in kHz) 15- 20 kHz
Application Industrial