Hot Plate Welding Machine in Mumbai

Hot Plate Welding Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers in Mumbai

Hot Plate Welding Machine Manufacturers in Mumbai

Hot Plate Welding Machine in Mumbai

SMAK Industries offers Hot Plate Welding Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We make the best hot plate welding machines in Mumbai. Hot plate welding machine is a welding technique used to join thermoplastic parts.

Our plate welding machine involves heating two plastic parts with a hot plate until they melt, then pressing them together and allowing them to cool and solidify, resulting in a strong bond between the parts.

Exclusive Features:

1.Highly efficient and precise process

2.Suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic materials and parts

3.Produces strong and reliable welds

4.Consistent and high-quality results

5.Easy to use and operate

6.Control over the heating time and temperature

7.Welds can be produced in complex shapes and sizes.


a.Hot plate welding is often used in the manufacturing of plastic products, as it provides a strong weld that can resist high temperatures.

b.Automotive applications such as welding fuel tanks exhaust systems, and other metal components.

c.Construction such as welding metal pipes, struts, and beams.

d.Manufacturing applications such as welding appliance parts, electronic components, and metal containers.

Product Details

Product name Hot plate Welding Machine
Brand SMAK Industries
Voltage (in V) 415 V
Frequency (in Hz) 50 – 60
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Usage Industrial