Ultrasonic Hand Gun in Mumbai

Ultrasonic Hand Gun Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Mumbai

Ultrasonic Hand Gun Manufacturers in Mumbai

Ultrasonic Hand Gun in Mumbai

SMAK Industries is the leading Ultrasonic Hand Gun, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our Ultrasonic Hand Gun uses ultrasonic waves to perform various tasks. Some of its possible features could be: -

1. Cleaning: The Ultrasonic Hand Gun uses ultrasonic waves to clean surfaces, objects, and even clothes.

2. Pest control: It can be used to repel pests by emitting high-frequency sound waves that are unbearable for insects and rodents.

3. Medical Treatment: Our Hand Gun can be used for medical treatment to break up small kidney stones and tumors.

4. Welding/Joining: It can also join two pieces of plastic or metal by using ultrasonic vibrations to heat and fuse them together.

Industrial Applications:

Ultrasonic hand guns are widely used in industry for cleaning, deburring, and surface preparation.

Our ultrasonic hand guns technology can be used for a variety of applications, including cleaning delicate parts, removing weld oxides, and preparing surfaces for bonding and painting.

These hand guns are also used in the food industry for sanitizing surfaces and equipment.

Product Specifications:

Product name Ultrasonic hand Gun
Brand SMAK Industries
Technology Ultrasonic
Voltage (in Volt) 220 V
Frequency (in Hz) 50 - 60 kHz
Usage Industrial